Property Management

Triwell Properties Inc. is a regional real estate asset management company, active in managing retail, office, industrial and mixed use properties for individual clients and family trusts. Striving to achieve client goals of maximizing value and increasing income, Triwell contracts to perform complete property management services: overseeing daily operations, maintaining direct contact with tenants, proactively controlling operating expenses, budgets and cash management.

Additional services include property rehabilitation, coordination of improvements and renovations, design & development and leasing coordination.

Triwell utilizes a full staff of administrative, maintenance and leasing personnel.


Acquisition, Sales and Exchanges

Triwell’s staff of experienced professionals offers our clients the opportunity to improve their portfolio through well planned and coordinated sales of specific real estate assets and the acquisition of new projects that suit their goals. With a history of completing IRC Section 1031 exchanges and ownership restructuring, Triwell frequently provides the guidance and catalyst to achieve these often difficult objectives. Our existing client base can attest to the success of Triwell’s efforts to procure the right buyer at the best price and trade their equity into a new and better positioned opportunity.


Triwell provides professional leasing assistance for our clients with projects that we are able to properly represent. We also provide coordination of leasing with other brokers for projects where they are better equipped to serve our client needs. Triwell’s experience with operating properties is very helpful during lease negotiations and development of a good “tenant mix”.